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My pottery is an anniversary gift. Knowing my desire and love for all things artistic, my wife secretly arranged a couples pottery experience. She blind folded me for the reveal and it was an exciting and thoughtful gift.  I was not completely sold on entering into the world of pottery till we later met my teacher, and friend, Keith Thomson of Firehouse Pottery & Gallery in Fort Wroth, Texas. His teaching and patience inspired my creativity, unlocking my passion for art through pottery. The pottery wheel has not stopped spinning since.

Words cannot adequately describe my gratitude and joy for the life with which God has blessed me. My friends and family are my enduring inspiration and support. My art is motivated by the love, patience, grace, and fun that has been shared with me. It is humbling and gratifying to make another smile, tear up, or marvel by a piece of art created by these hands. Thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to consider this art.

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